New Salpa Boats

Innovative technologies of aeronautical derivation are applied for the frist time in an extensive manner in the sailing’s sector.
Through the use of:
– Naval Architecture Software have been used for the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic calculations.As a result, they reached the best navigation in all the conditions on sea, performance and reduced consumptions.
– Software for structural calculations and finish elements have been used for the definition of a stifferand a lighter structure than the conventional ones, thanks to an innovative system of hull’sparts structural linkage.
– Software for the fluidodynamic of the resin inside the mould during the building processof the hull has allowed our technicians to optimize the building processof the parts in fiberglass, guaranteeing the good impregnation of the fibers for each lamination’s part, the respect of the planned time and the good catalyze ratio for the guaranty of the structural integrity and of esthetic qualities, superior to the other hand-made.
Hull, roofing and structure are carried out with Salpa’s own system “Full Infusion”. Salpa Boats are born from new shipyard – through super automatic processes, always checked by our technicians. The robot painting structure, in whic have been used the best gelcoat and the best paints, allows to carry out excellent painting cycles and to offer a very vast choice for the hull’s, roofing’s and structure’s coloration. Special Machines have been used for reinforced fabric’s out, which are cut with huge precision and can be disposed in the mould with the orientation of the fabric’s fiber along the principal directions of the efforts. Special resins have been prepared by high-volume resin machines with an eletronic plc management guaranteeing the correct catalyze of each gram of resin catalyzed in the mould. Automatic storages linked to numerically controlled work centers allow to offer a high personalization level of the hull’s fitting out. Cherry wood, wengè, zebrano, teak, oak and other wood species can be used for the realization of a made-to-measure furniture, according to the master’s tastes. Experienced technicians and expert workmen cayy out the final assembling on board of all the hull’s components, applying the processes of our system quality certified ISO 9001. Passion and Innovation are, in this way, expressed in our Salpa range.